Midwifery Regulation

Midwives apply for registration with the governing body (the College) of their province or territory in order to practice midwifery. However, in Nunavut, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec has legislation that provides an exemption from registration for Aboriginal midwives.

In Nunavut and British Columbia, the exemption is only available for midwives who practiced Aboriginal midwifery prior to the coming into force of the Act. In Ontario, Aboriginal midwives providing care to Aboriginal communities are exempt from the Regulated Health Professions Act. The Ontario Midwifery Act allows Aboriginal midwives who provide traditional midwife services to use the title “Aboriginal midwife”. The Quebec statute allows Aboriginal midwives to practice without being registered members, provided that the nation, group or community has entered into an agreement with the government. The education path you choose will address this and will guide you through the possibilities of the registration or exemption process.