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The National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) is disappointed and dismayed to receive news of federal funding cuts to various Indigenous health organizations. Specifically, funding has been cut that will lead to the closing of the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO), and the elimination of health programming at Pauktuutit, Inuit Women of Canada, and at Native Women’s Association of Canada. ...

NACM received funding last October through the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative (AHHRI) of Health Canada to promote midwifery within Aboriginal communities across Canada.  NACM has launched three videos (available on this website) promoting the profession and practice of Aboriginal midwifery.  A series of pamphlets and posters to accompany these videos will be released shortly.  

In addition, NACM midwife members visited a total of seven different communities to provide direct support to communities working to bring birth back.  Midwives visited Mohawk communities Tyendinaga and Akwesasne, Haida communities Skidegate and Old Massett, and three communities in the Athabasca region of Northern Saskatchewan, Black Lake, Fond du Lac and Stony Rapids in order to lead workshops and community consultations with health care professionals and community members.  NACM is compiling a "Resource and Toolkit" in response to the needs of these and other communities that are working to revive midwifery practice.  NACM has heard from many other communities that have asked for similar in-person support, and we hope to be able to provide this in the future.  If your community is interested in learning more about how NACM can support you in returning birth and midwifery to your community, please contact [email protected].  


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