Bringing birth back to Northern Manitoba!

An article was published today on CBC news, regarding the Northern Manitoba First Nations community of Norway House. The journalist, Chantelle Bellrichard, interviewed Darlene Birch, a renowned midwife and NACM member who recently received an award in recognition of her work. She also interviewed several mothers from the community, who discussed in very eloquent terms both their strong desire to be able to assert their right to give birth in the community, as well as how disruptive it is for women to be forcibly evacuated from their community. A growing number of women are refusing to be evacuated south and there is mobilization to have birth centre in the community.

"We’re moving forward, we’re trying to bring the birthing back, which is awesome ... It’s not just a baby being born, and you go home and that’s it. It’s a huge celebration for our people."- Samantha Folster, Norway House band councillor

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